Hi there! I'm Brian Crawford, and I'm a Photographer & Videographer based out of Denver, Colorado. My specialties are in music/concert, portrait, and event photography, as well as video & audio production. I've also spent time as a writer and web content publisher, radio host and sound board operator, and received a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism from MSU Denver.

My passion lies mainly in photography and video, both of which began for me like they did for so many others in those fields - by recording and photographing everything I could as a kid, with any camera I could find. Because of that I grew up with an immense love and appreciation for documenting and telling the stories that encompass all of our lives.

Not only do I offer packages for photography & videography, but I also offer some of the photos you see on this site for sale as prints!

If you need some portraits done, have an engagement party and wedding coming up, or other event that needs a photographer or videographer, let me know via the contact button below.